Watch how lady showered water on her man after refusing his proposal in public °video°

 ° A footage of a public mall proposal has flooded the media.
 ° The footage illustrates how a lady refused her boyfriend’s proposal in a mall.

She was captured dousing the young man with water from a drinking glass ° A footage of a lady refusing her boyfriend's public proposal at a restaurant in a has gone flooded media. They both argued with each, meanwhile the young man was on one knee proposing before she sprinkled water from a drinking glass on him and walked out of the mall.
° According to sources this occurred at a mall in Ghana. Both parties were seen conversing in a mall,when suddenly the young man went down on a knee to propose, he looked amazed when his girlfriend hastefully stood up to her feet and showed him her smartphone.
° In the footage, it could be observed that the man attempted to pacify his angered lady after she displayed a photo to him on her smart phone. Nonetheless, the young lady who totally refused the apology sprinkled water on her man and stepped out of the mall whilst the young man was left there amazed and disgraced.
° Soon after footage flooded the media, many Nigerians gave their suggestions on the issue. Few persons advised that the man move on and forget about the lady that she certainly is not his. Another group remarked that he possibly might have cheated on her with another lady, supporting that her clue was what she displayed to him on her smartphone.
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