Lady caught cheating, speedily turns and acts as a sex doll

The story trending on social media is about a man held cheating on his lover, and tries making the other lady to act as a sex doll.
From reports of a post on social media, the guy was caught in the act by his lover when he was about having good fun with another lady and acted that his ‘mate’ was a sex doll just not to be labelled a cheat.
His Lover started yelling angrily: “What the hell is going on here? Who the hell is this?
The man responds: “It’s just a sex doll” He even had to prove his innocence by issuing a receipt of purchase of the sex doll to his lover.
The other lady, did play accordingly to the role of sex doll, standing firm without shaking. The man’s lover trying to confirm starts kicking and pushing her. The lady acting the role of a sex doll decided to try her luck by using a doll voice to tell her to stop kicking her. She couldn't endure anymore and decidedly, moved and pick her stuffs to leave.
The man still trying to prove his fidelity goes extra mile to tell his lady speaking: “I’ve the receipt. It is not working properly. I don't understanding why she’s moving”

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