Lady narrates her bitter experience with man, warns other women to run from a man called 'Ozeal'. She begs others to share post and save other ladies

A Nigerian lady recently tweeted saying that
Other Girls should run from a man named 'Ozeal' who graduated from the University of Abuja, she emphasized saying" run for your life if you ever come across Mr. 'Ozeal'". Photo of Mr. ozeal

Below is the full story of what actually happened, she also pleaded not to be insulted- photo.

She also shared photos of her after he'd beaten her up, see photos below..

Finally she said :"I am not putting this out here because I want attention, I just don't want any lady to go through what I went through she might not be as lucky as I was to come out alive. Because from the look of things he has been doing it and is still doing it. Ladies please take note of him!:   please share, you might be saving lives

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