Watch Video: Young Nigerian lady tells her fellow ladies to decline proposals from penniless men.

 A Nigerian lady has advised her fellow women to stay away men who are not wealthy yet.

As a matter of fact, the young lady did look very serious when she was talking.
In her words:

 "my daughter, my daughter, any man that has not made it now in this twenty first century and is telling you baby come let's put it together that we would make it, he will never make it. Now is when you need to have your sense, any man that is asking you for marriage should go and make it first, not asking you to go and suffer with him. You will suffer, poverty is a disease oh, stop telling me to come from the scratch, i don't understand such language please, my daughter enough is enough, let no body describe you. Its better you're a boss from the start to end, wake up from your s lumber, enough is enough ."

What do you think about what the lady said, are for or against her comments? Comments please.

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