Amazing: See photos of Goliath's Gigantic skeleton and the stone David used to kill him.

A team of German Archaeologists and bible scholars lead by Dr. Martin have unearthed the Philistine cemetery where the mighty giant 'Goliath'  the Philistine was buried. The Philistines are regarded as one of the most popular villains in the scripture as they always battled with the Israelites.

A lot of persons both Christians and others have believed the story of 'David and Goliath' to be just a myth, while many believers without proof believed the story. Today, not only are they traces of the Giant's body,  but also the stone from the slingshot little David used to kill him In the Bible still amazingly attached to his skull.

The Archaeologists exhumed Goliath's
Remains at Ashkelon in the south of Israel, near Jerusalem.

It was confirmed after several investigations for about 30 years by archelogists that the burial site is about 3000-years old. Dr.  Martin during an interview said: "Now you do have to believe every story recorded in the Bible, as this is clearly an evidence that the Bible is truly the Word of God."

See photos of Goliath's gigantic skeleton and the stone David used to kill him still on his forehead:

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