Shocking: Man cuts his girlfriend's body with motor saw for flirting with another man - see photos

It looks as though domestic violence against ladies has not reduced as we Presumed, as they are  increasing stories of  domestic violence from people who are  in 'romantic' relationships.
According to a post on facebook, a young man reportedly used a motor saw to chop off his girlfriend's arm just because he caught her flirting with another man.
One Mr. Suleiman who shared the story, claimed that the guy had caught the victim practically flirting with an old friend. 

Here's what happened according to the man who shared the story:
"The young man actually invited the lady over to his house after he had seen her flirting with another guy, telling her he wanted to see her urgently. The lady hurriedly went to her boyfriends house not knowing want she was going to face. When she got there, the young man didn't talk to her for more than ten minutes, when she finally decided break the silence  she asked him what the problem was,  he yelled at her saying: "so you've been cheating on me?" When the lady refused answering him and decided to leave, he quickly locked the door, then he dragged a curtain rail and continued to hit her hard until she fainted. Then picked up a saw he had hidden and began chopping her hands and other parts of her body. "

See photos below:

Here's the young Man's photo:

Please keep sharing with your friends, together we can stop domestic violence. You might be saving a life. 

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