See photos: Suspected ritual killers nabbed while attempting to hide the corpse of a man they slaughtered in Ogun state

Some suspects alleged to be ritualists and also believed to be human parts sellers were nabbed by a Vigilante group yesterday, in Ijebu, Ogun State, Nigeria alongside the corpse of a man they had killed deliberately.

Information from reliable sources, reveals that the victim was a member of a church in the neighborhood, who had gone to disinfect the church premises when he was annihilated by the two suspects.

"The man is a member of a church in that area he was asked to fumigate the church before morning time that was where those ritualist sited him and he was alone they went straight for him slaughtered him and fold him inside a white sack,they got caught when they were trying to hide the sack inside bush."

See photos here:
What's your take on this heinous act? 

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